About Us


Saveene management is using this media and opportunity to dissimilate as an information package only, the "about us" or about Saveene business activities to allow our clients to make a business decision towards the purchase of any and all Saveene fractional products. Let’s face it. We love to yacht!

We love to enjoy the yachting boating and the joy the experience provides. We are also mindful that a boater’s happiest day is the day he buys the boat and the day he sells the boat. Why? Because we use the boat perhaps 2 or 3 weeks of the year yet we pay for maintenance and upkeep 52 weeks a year!

Saveene is a value added real estate and water craft development (VAD) company. We engage in VAD activities in startup real estate projects, land planning, finance, home and design of all supporting infrastructure which has already commenced and or proven. Our passion is yachts. Using our available resources we have teamed up with Florida Yacht Group to create a one of a kind yachting fractional programs available in the marketplace!